Let Londyn Kate Help You Get Your Family Ready For Halloween

It seems hard to believe that Halloween is upon us already, doesn’t it? It seems like only yesterday when we were basking in the sun at the beach, or shooing the kids outside to play in the back yard. However, Halloween is quickly approaching, and it’s always a fun time of year for families. This year, instead of purchasing your Halloween decorations at a local store, why not check out what Londyn Kate has to offer instead?

Online Women’s Boutiques

The best thing about Londyn Kate is that it’s one of the only online women’s boutiques out there. We have lots of items for every season, and everything we sell is homemade by a wonderful lady, just like you. I truly believe in helping women do what they love, and when you purchase your Halloween items from Londyn Kate, you’re showing that you share in that mission too. Let’s take a look at some of the great crafts we’re featuring in our boutique that will help your family celebrate Halloween this year in style.

Halloween Decorations

We have some incredible Halloween decorations that have been created by some of our members.Every family should have a season-appropriate centerpiece on their dining room table, and if the ones you’re finding in the stores just don’t seem to suit your tastes, I guarantee you’ll love the ones that we have. Our Tea Candle Centerpiece is perfect for when you want to make a bold statement about your love for this time of year. If you’d like to make an even bolder statement, you might prefer our Halloween Centerpiece, which has a black candle in the center.

Both of these centerpieces feature a battery operated candle, so there’s never any worry of little fingers touching the flame and getting burned.

If you’re the type who loves to change the artwork in your home to correspond with the seasons, you might find it a bit challenging to find art that will reflect the Halloween season. One of our members created a beautiful Black Rose painting that’s a must-have for any family that truly enjoys Halloween.

Don’t Forget Those Special Touches

If you are looking for ways to accent your own wardrobe for Halloween and the fall season, we have a beautiful pair of Large Filigree Globe Dangle Earrings in black that are a great accessory.

Our Ray of Sunshine Crochet Hat is a great addition to your wardrobe as well, and we even have a matching one for baby in our My Little Sunshine Crochet Baby Hat. These hats feature fall colors that will go perfectly with your fall clothing.

Londyn Kate is such a special place, and I’m thrilled to be able to provide you with the opportunity to make and sell your own homemade crafts online. Londyn Kate is an incredible online women’s boutique, and I truly hope that you’ll join in on the fun. If you’re ready to become a member, join us today! 

Wooden Signs with Quotes are the Perfect Adornment to a Garden or Lake House

I love this time of year because it’s time to start thinking about opening up that house at the lake for those little weekend getaways. It’s also the time of year when people start their gardens. Perhaps this year you’re looking for some unique ways to spruce up your lake house and make it cozier. Or maybe your garden could use a little something, but you’re just not sure what. Londyn Kate has the answer you’ve been looking for. Nothing makes your lake house or garden more personalized (or adds more charm) than one of our rustic-looking wooden signs. You’ll be amazed at how our wooden signs with quotes can change the look of your space. Let’s take a closer peek at what some of our sellers have to offer, shall we?

Express Your Faith
We can all use a reminder of our faith now and then. We have some great wooden signs with quotes that feature Bible verses. Our ‘Trust In The Lord’ wood sign is a great one. You can hang it on the wall, or use it as an accent piece on a table. Perhaps you’d like to create a memorial for a special loved one who has passed away. Our ‘Rustic Personalized Memorial Sign’ is perfect for that, and you can use it anywhere, including in your garden. That way, each time you’re tending to this year’s herbs & veggies, you’ll think of that important person in your life.   45268

Celebrate Your Love
Whether you’ve just gotten married, or you’ve been married for years, there’s always a good reason to celebrate the love you have for that special someone. Why not express how you feel with one of our wooden signs with quotes? Do you love thinking about the way you met the love of your life? Say so, with our ‘Every Love Story is Beautiful but Ours is My Favorite’ sign. If you love being playful with your spouse, you’ll love our rustic ‘I Love You A Bushel And A Peck’ sign, which is absolutely perfect for the master bedroom! 523698

Create Some Smiles
Maybe you just want something that will remind everyone (yourself included), to smile and relax a little bit more. How about our ‘Porch Rules’ sign? Or maybe your kids would love the ‘All You Need Is Love, And Maybe A Little Candy’ sign. The choice is yours!
I hope that I’ve given you some great ideas about how you could use our decorative wooden signs with quotes in your home or outdoor space this summer. We have such a great selection to choose from, and with such talented creators, it’s difficult to choose only one. Why not join Londyn Kate and take advantage of all of the great items we have for sale in our boutique? Or perhaps you’re a creative soul yourself! We’d love to see your creations! Either way, you’re supporting women who are doing what they love, which is the best part about Londyn Kate.

3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Support Women in Their Endeavors to Sell Crafts Online

Looking for places to sell crafts online may feel like you’re wringing small droplets of entrepreneurial success into a bucket that goes largely under-represented in the business world. As women in business, there are some harsh truths we have to face and overcome.

When Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Leave your Heels at Home

Experts have continually analyzed the reasons behind the lack of a feminine presence in the business world. Most of their studies show that if women were allowed into executive circles more often, they wouldn’t be so blatantly under-represented.

Londyn Kate has figured out the secret weapon to help women succeed in business. That weapon is each other. To that end, let’s look at another truth on our list.

In moments of honest self-assessment, I think we can all agree that the influence of female professionals can either be our greatest asset or it can be our greatest stumbling block. That has been true since before I founded this company.

Women can choose to help or to hurt other women; even on a professional level. Rather than standing in each other’s way, I wanted to start a company that would foster support among women – the kind of support I received from the other women in my life.

There are several places to sell crafts online, but few of them have the commitment that Londyn Kate shares with you, the business owner. We’ll help you get set up, manage and ship your inventory, and you only pay a reasonable commission on what you sell.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons Londyn Kate believes women need more than luck in their professional endeavors.

 What’s Luck Got To Do With It? Three Reasons to Support Women in Business

The national unemployment rate has stalled at 7.5%. Over the last five years, whether it’s been because of cut backs, lay-offs, or job searches, many of us have grown accustomed to hearing, “best of luck with all of your future endeavors.”

When it comes to our “future endeavors,” we don’t need empty platitudes; we need support and here’s why:

Reason 1: Women keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive. You may have started looking for places to sell crafts online because you wanted more flexibility, family time, and extra income, or you wanted to be your own boss. What you may not know about those motivations is that they fuel American innovation and create a vital transition toward iStock_000021913172_Largesustainable income for people in need.

Reason 2: Product diversity is a must. Selecting and producing things based on your own interests and the interests of your customers diversifies the market. By not sticking to a pre-set national sales plan, you are offering people broader and more individualized choices.

Reason 3: The power of creating something from nothing. Succeeding in business not only boosts your self-esteem, it catches the attention of others. You may start out humbly, as one of many places selling crafts online, but as your reputation grows, it becomes your greatest sellable asset.

Visit: www.londynkate.com to get started today.

Share Your Creations with the World & Sell Your Homemade Crafts Online

Are you a woman who loves to make beautiful, practical things by hand? Maybe you make a lot of your kids’ clothes, or maybe you love to use your creativity to conwooden palette with spots of paint gouachestruct Christmas presents or birthday gifts for your friends and family. If that sounds like you, you might have spent a lot of time scouring the Internet wanting to know how to sell homemade crafts online.

I’m excited that you have found Londyn Kate! We’re an online boutique that was designed specifically with you in mind. Each day, our sellers make money just by posting their own homemade crafts, jewelry, clothing and other items on our website. I believe this is an incredible and empowering opportunity for women to keep doing what they love to do, and make a little money to boot!

Our Wonderful Sellers
We have sellers from all walks of life. Some of them create their items because they love crafting as a hobby. Others have found the potential for making a real income with their homemade items. For example, if you’re a dog-lover, and you’re always on the lookout for doggie-themed blankets, we have a ‘Cleo and Chloe Afghan’ that is probably something you’d enjoy having in your living12563 room. It’s hand-crocheted for a beautiful look, and it’s easy to throw in your washing machine if your real-life pooches enjoy snuggling with it just a little bit too much.



If you’re a fan of candles and you’re looking for a new scent to fill your home, our ‘Strawberry Scented Candle in Up-Cycled Jam Jar’ would be the perfect add8562ition to your decor. This candle not only smells like the heavenly scent of strawberries, but it’s recycled, so you’re giving an old jar a new and beautiful purpose too.

Get Started and Make Money
What craft or homemade item is just waiting to be made by you? One of the things that makes Londyn Kate different is the fact that we love to support each other. Each of us has a heart for helping other women succeed at doing what they love. Whether you’re interested in creating something to sell because you love to do it, or you want to make extra income, this is a great way to do it. With Londyn Kate, you’ll quickly learn how to sell homemade crafts, and you’ll be rewarded when our members become your fans and you start generating interest about your creations.

If you’ve always wanted to know how to sell homemade crafts, Londyn Kate is the answer you’ve been looking for. I’m excited to see what creative expression means to you, and I can’t wait to see what new items you’ll be placing in our boutique.

To get started with selling your own homemade items or creations, simply sign up and start posting!

DIY Treasure Map…

My fiance’s son recently had his 5th birthday and the birthday boy really wanted me to plan a scavenger hunt for him. Right now, just like any 5 year old boy, he is really into pirates. Therefore, I wanted to create some sort of treasure map that he would be able to follow and lead him to the treasure. Given that I couldn’t use words I knew I would have to get creative and use only pictures. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this, but I just started taking pictures of places around the house that I could potentially hide something. For instance, I took a picture of the playground, his playroom, the kitchen, etc.

I then downloaded them on my computer and adjusted the color in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and made them as “black and white” as I could. I then printed them off…


I remembered reading somewhere that I could make paper look antique by burning the edges and pressing a wet tea bag on the paper to give it a brown aged look. Note: Make sure you use a dark brown tea bag. I used a brewed ice tea bag and it worked great.

I then let them all dry out in the sun.  Once dried they looked like aged photographs. I was able to roll them up and tie them with brown twine to make them look like maps.

photo (12)

On the day of his birthday, I had him dress up like a pirate and gave him the first map which had the first picture on it. I told him “this picture shows you where the next map is hidden.” For example it was the playground…he knew the next map had to be somewhere on his playground. Note: For larger rooms, make sure the hidden area is shown in the picture. This will help them narrow down where to look.


I had 8 different maps so 8 different locations which worked out perfect. The hunt didn’t go super fast but it wasn’t too long either. The last map led him to the last location where he had a treasure chest full of chocolate gold coins, stickers, hot wheels, etc.

photo (13)

He had so much fun and we loved watching him. This was a great game that was easy to do, inexpensive, and fun for everyone. I hope this  gives you some helpful ideas when planning a treasure hunt for your little ones.

Want to Sell Crafts Online? Londyn Kate Makes It Easy!

What is it that you’re passionate about?

If you’re someone who loves to make something beautiful out of nothing, you’ve come to the perfect place. You can surround yourself with the support you need to be successful at what you love to do.  When you choose to sell crafts online with Londyn Kate, you’ll be satisfied with the ease in which you can sell (and buy) refurbished vintage and handmade items.

The Ease of the Londyn Kate System
First of all, I want you to know that I’m dedicated to your success.  I admire what you’re doing, which is using your creativity to make something that people will love.  It takes a strong woman to pour her heart into a project (in the midst of everything else she has going on in her life) and then make that item available to the world.  My passion for your passion is why I created Londyn Kate!

Second of all, you’ll find a great system already in place.  Posting your items in your own online store is easy, and it’s cost effective.  As I was researching other sites who offered a similar opportunity, I realized that the best way for me to help women like you find a way to sell crafts online and make enough money, was to offer you a free sales platform.

Third, the fees you pay to Londyn Kate are very small: only 3.5%, if your item sells.  Your sales are your earnings.  I want to remain focused on you, the seller, and help you market your goods for ultimate profits.

What’s Selling Now?
Maybe you’d like to begin selling your handmade items online but you’re not sure what type of things you should sell.  Not to worry.  If your heart and mind can conceive it, and your hands can create it, you can sell it!  Right now we have some incredible items available from our members.  Handmade merchandise like the adorable Cookie Monster pillowcase dress and bow set are guaranteed to bring a smile to any little girl’s face.  There’s also the Whole Shebang purse in burnt orange, which is a great accent piece for any woman’s wardrobe.  These beautiful items are just a few of the fun and unique pieces we feature from women just like you.

What about you?  What can you create that might make your community a little bit brighter, or that would bring some happiness to another woman?  Whether you’re new to creating unique items or you’ve always loved to sell crafts online, I’m quite sure you’d be amazed at what you could come up with, if you simply give it a little thought.

At Londyn Kate, there’s no limit to what you can do, and what you can sell.  We’re here to support you in your dreams, and to present your crafts in a beautiful online business that you can be proud of. We are women supporting women!



Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower

Recently I had the opportunity to throw a bridal shower for one of my best friends with 6 other wonderful women. I just had to share because it turned out absolutely amazing! We divided up the tasks and look what just a few women can do…

When you first came up to the house we had a handmade “I DO” sign hung on the door. What a way to welcome our guests!

Then as you came into the house you would stop at the entry table and put on your jewelry for the party. Tip: We had rings, bracelets, pearl necklaces, etc all ordered from Oriental Trading Company. Check out this adorable table.

Then the guests made their way to the kitchen to help themselves to brunch and yes…a mimosa bar! Don’t let me forget to mention that the yogurt parfaits were Tiffany Blue! Tip: We used these cute milk bottles for different juices at the mimosa bar. You can find these bottles at Crate and Barrel for only $5/ea!


Then the guest moved into this adorable sitting area. Tip:Those pom poms are handmade out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners! Each table was decorated with flowers, pearls, and candles. Gorgeous!