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Founder, Londyn Kate

Where there's a woman, there's a way

She can throw a mean curveball. She is crazy about party planning – hosting beautiful gatherings for family and friends. And she posses an uncanny ability to find a bargain, often hosting her parties on a shoestring. Kara Meairs is clearly a woman with many and varied talents. 

Charming and warm-hearted to a fault, Kara is also a hard worker and a team player – traits perhaps gained by her time playing competitive softball as a youth. Playing fast-pitch softball and launching a new networking and e-commerce website might not seem to have much in common. But for Kara, softball helped develop the values that would eventually play an important role in helping her develop and launch a website focused on helping other women be successful.

Kara has fond memories of traveling with her softball team accompanied by her parents. A close-knit family and the fun times they shared clearly shaped her outlook on life. Raised with her older brother in a loving home and taught to work hard, be honest and respect others, Kara carried these values into adulthood.  When she was 26, already enjoying a highly successful career in the medical training industry, Kara decided she was ready for a new challenge.

Her father has always been an entrepreneur, and Kara inherited his passion to create something of her own. Something that might make a difference. All of her ideas centered on somehow helping women, and eventually coalesced into Londyn Kate, a site where women can buy and sell handmade items and refurbished vintage wares.

Launching her own online business two years later was far more complex than Kara realized. Although the process of developing Londyn Kate definitely threw some curveballs Kara’s way, she persevered. Working through the myriad legal issues that accompany e-commerce sites and the sheer complexity of creating a functional and user-friendly website among other issues, she learned to let go and let things unfold as part of God’s plan.

Kara’s goal is to be successful in realizing her dreams through her own hard work and perseverance. She might, however, rely a bit on the other smart, passionate women in her life for support. After all, where there’s a woman, there’s a way.



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